Storm Damage Roof Repair Wheaton – An Info

If you live in the upper midwest or elsewhere where the climate is more extreme, you’re likely familiar with the risks associated with storm damage on a roof. High winds, hail storms, and tornadoes are just some of the common hazards you can face. If you’re unsure of whether your roof has been damaged, you can inspect it yourself by looking for missing or damaged shingles. You can also check for loose tile pieces and broken garden furniture.

The best way to prevent further damage is to use a protective cover over the roof and the interior of your home. Then, remove any valuables that may have been damaged. In addition, you may need to waterproof the roof if the damage is significant. A strapped tarp can provide protection and waterproof the roof quickly. You can get additional information at Storm Damage Roof Repair Wheaton

Storm damage to your roof is a very costly problem. It is important to make any necessary repairs right away, as this can prevent further damage and even the need for a new roof. Common storm damage roof repair projects include patching small holes, replacing individual shingles, and repairing flashing. If you have extensive damage, you may need to replace the entire roof.

You should also inspect your chimney for cracked joints or cracked bricks. Since chimneys are often independently settled from the residence, it’s important to check the chimney flashing to make sure it’s intact. In addition, check the edges of your roof for missing or damaged flashing. In severe storms, the flashing can be torn off and cause further damage.

It’s essential to hire a reputable contractor for your storm damage roof repair. They can provide free inspections and recommendations for emergency repairs. They can also file your insurance claims. When choosing a contractor, you should talk to a public adjuster or your insurance agent to make sure your roof repair job is covered by the policy.

Storm damage to a roof can lead to weakened durability and shorten its life expectancy. Without proper storm damage roof repair, the lifespan of asphalt shingles and rubber roofs can be reduced by 30% to 50%. This can cut five to ten years off the life of a roof. Whether or not you choose to replace the roof, you should make a temporary roof repair until the damage is resolved.

Call your insurance provider and contact a contractor as soon as possible. Remember to document the damage as much as possible to avoid any delays in filing your claim. Typically, insurance companies have a time limit on claims, so it’s important to document the damage as soon as possible. If you’ve incurred any storm damage, you should get an estimate from a reputable roofing company as soon as possible. Make sure you keep all receipts as well.

Another way to determine if your roof has been damaged is by inspecting the shingles. Check if there are dark spots and cracked shingles. Inspect the gutters for signs of a leak, too. If there’s any water in the gutters, it can back up under shingles, creating a water leak in the attic or through the roof.