What Exactly is a QC Kinetix

A pain control clinic is an ideal place to go if you’re suffering from chronic pain. The staff will help you find out the exact cause of your discomfort and then create a treatment plan that will help you feel better. The plan may include medication and physical activity. Many patients with chronic pain require […]

Tips for Choosing the Right QC Kinetix

A pain control clinic provides patients with a range of treatment options for chronic pain. A doctor will examine your entire body and may perform imaging or other tests. He will also go over your medical history and medication list. The doctor may request that you keep a pain journal. He may also consult with […]

QC Kinetix- Joint Pain Treatment Options

Physical therapy can help with joint pain. The goal is to minimize swelling and increase joint strength and stability. In severe cases, a doctor may recommend surgery or arthroscopy to repair damaged joints. Rest and ice can also help reduce joint swelling and pain. Elevating the affected limb may also help reduce pain and stiffness. […]